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Samantha Grace-
When I was a child my mother always rented classic cinema and I became interested in musicals and cinema of the 30's and 40's. That is when when I became enticed by the glamour of the stars of yesteryear. I loved escaping into the elegance of film stars such as Betty Grable, Rita Hayworth, and Jean Harlow.

Into my teen years, I continued to have a curiosity in mid- century glamour. I began collecting clothing from the 1920's- 1950's. Mere collecting took hold of me, and I quickly found myself learning the details of dressing vintage, and proceeded to dress in the style daily. I learned women were immaculately dressed from head to toe. I loved how marvelous the elegant foundations were. Girdles, garter belts, corsets, and nylon full fashioned stockings, danced in my head! I think it funny that my first boyfriend probably thought all girls wear girdles and merry widows. My college boyfriend was interested in me because he saw my stocking tops and garter during class, and he was the first stocking fetishist I had encountered at that time. Let's say we were a great match because most girls on campus wore PJ pants and sweat pants to class. I stuck out because I wore skirts, sweaters, heels, and stockings daily. Everyone always asked why I was so "over dressed". But I am used to being "over dressed" everywhere I go. I consider everyone else under dressed.

To this day I still dress in girdles and stockings daily. For me this isn't a modeling look but my everyday look. I am not the type of woman who lounges around the house in sweat pants and jeans. I actually lounge around in a proper slip and robe if I want to be comfortable. I actually feel very uncomfortable in public when I do not have my proper foundations on under my outfits.

Anyone, who sends me an Item will always receive a thank-you note back. If you are a member of my site modernretropinup.com, please email me your member information so I can verify that you are and I will also include a free photo print with your note.
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