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Welcome to my personal tribute to beautiful women  who choose to wear girdles. Here we have the space and  the bandwidth for a suitable tribute. Should you get the urge to buy one of  these beautiful garments, just look for the word Shop or Shopping and click there.

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Optic Suspender-BeltVargas Art Longline-CincherVargas Pinstripe  Longline-CincherVargas-Garden Panty-Girdle

~A Woman In A Girdle~
Oh, how lovely the curves of a woman laced.

How many times have my fantasies embraced

a lace-covered belly and beautiful satin rear?

Give me a waist confined and I'll be near.

There is something about a cinched tight waist above a thigh

closed with metal zipper above the hook and eyes,

something about the flesh held firm

that hints at hidden ecstasy and makes me squirm.

Oh, the bottom tight and round

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